Top 29 Google Drive Tips and Tricks for Business Professionals

If you are looking for the best Google Drive tips and tricks for business professionals, then you are on the right site.

Here, we have shared the top 29 Google Drive tips and tricks to boost productivity quickly.

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage providers online. It helps you to manage your files and folders with 15 Gigabyte free storage. Also, you can access them anytime from anywhere.

Using Google Drive, you can create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, and survey forms in a few minutes. Besides, it has backup features as well as file sharing capabilities.

However, you can increase cloud storage, and you will have to pay for additional storage. This feature is known as G Suite. It is an upgrade version of Google Drive with all the storage and tools. Also, it is integrated by Gmail, Calendar, Sites, and more under its domain name.


Top 29 Google Drive Tips and Tricks for Business Professionals

In this section, we will briefly discuss the top Google Drive tips and tricks for business professionals. Let’s dive into the post.

Google Drive Tips and Tricks

1. Sync All Your Files

Google Drive provides you to manage across the devices. That means you can start a project on the phone and later deal with this project with the Windows computer Laptop and Desktop. Also, you can pick it up with a tablet.

You can use Google Drive for up to 15 GB of storage free of cost. Also, you will buy extra storage through Google One. Pricing starts at $ 1.99 per month (Yearly $19.99) for 100 GB and ends at $10 per month (yearly $99.99) for 2TB.

Google Drive not only works with Docs, Sheets as well as slides but also any files. If you download and install Google’s Backup and Sync program on the device, then you will automatically back up files from your computer, SD card, or camera to Google Drive.

2. Collaborate Well With Others

Google Drive has powerful file sharing capabilities. Using this feature, you can collaborate with up to 50 persons at a time. It does not matter everyone has the same device, including Laptops, Tablets, or Smartphones.

You can check what your friend or colleagues have done. To check history, click file then click version history; and finally see the version history.

You can also see a list on the right side that will show you who updated files and when; click the name and check what they did.

Moreover, the different name will show different versions which make you easy to track. To view the name versions, click on the upper right icon.

3. File Storage Is Free, Sort Of

Google Drive offers you 15 GB of free cloud storage which is enough for personal use. If you want to use it for business purposes or professionally, you will have to buy more storage via Google One.

Remember that, only non-native files such as PDFs, images, or Microsoft documents will take storage. Native files like Doc/Sheets/Slides can create as you want, which does not take Google Drive storage.

4. Revise like in Microsoft word

Google Drive provides a unique feature called Suggest Edits that looks like you’re working on Microsoft Word. To edit your file – click the Editing icon up by comments and share buttons. You will then get a toolbar menu that helps you edit, make suggestions, or view the final document.

5. Seek out a collaborator

Sometimes we cannot remember the name of files. If you forget the document name you want, you can remember who shared it with you. Don’t worry.

Just hit the “Shared with Me” icon in the left toolbar of Google Drive. Then, you will see a list of all the files that people have shared with you. If the list is too long, you can type the name of collaborator’s in the search field at the top.

6. Make a document public

Google Drive helps you to share files with up to 200 people. When more than 50 friends, teammates, or colleagues check the file, you have to edit the document; the late-comers only see the edited file.

Besides, if you want to allow someone else to edit your document, you can. To avoid a hassle, you can make a document public.

For sharing a file public, click the “Share” icon on the top right, select “Advance”, then click “change” under “Who has access.” At last, select one of two options, including: “On – Public on the web” or “On – Anyone with the link.”

7. Set an access level

After sharing your document public, you might think about who can access your file. Google Drive has four levels of document access.

You can do anything to the file, even delete it. Also, you can invite more friends, teammates, or colleagues.

Editors not only can edit the file but also invite more collaborators. For the invitation, editors need to owner’s permission.

Apart from checking the document, viewers allow copying the file. Commenters can see the file and leave comments on it.

8. Communicate while collaborating

Google Drive allows your fellow document collaborators on the upper-right side. It helps you to leave comments or questions for an exact person as you work. Also, you can send them a direct message.

To communicate with someone while collaborating, hit the chat bubble icon and type your message. Everyone can see your chat.

9. Upload via drag and drop

Google Drive shows a big “New” icon on the user interface’s upper-left side for upload or creates new files. To upload files, drag files from Windows Explorer or the macOS Finder right side into the Google Drive’s list of files.

You can also click “cloud with arrow indication” to go of the file that you are dragging to drop it into the Google Drive.

10. Quick creation link

Google Drive provides you to create a new file, including Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and drawing quickly. Also, you can add the bellow links to your browser’s bookmark bar:—Google document (new)—Google site (new)—Google form (new)—Google Sheet (new)—Google Slide (new)

11. Use companion to lunch Desktop Windows

You can use the Google Drive Companion extension on your chrome browser for specific requirements.

This unique tool helps you launch Google Drive doc/slides/sheets into browser pop-up windows that offer the different look on your Windows devices.

You can also get a Google Drive icon in the taskbar so that you can move to it conveniently. The new windows will open with a blank document or an existing one.

12. Access drive files offline: Desktop

You can access Google Drive storage when your device is connected to the internet. Sometimes your broadband connection is not available on your desktop; don’t worry. Google Drive supports you to access while you are offline.

To access Google Drive offline, install the Google Docs Offline Chrome extension on your browser, and then click on the Google Drive settings. Now, you can create and edit and open your recent slides, sheets, and docs file on your computer.

13. Access drive files offline: Mobile

Google Drive allows you to access the file while your Android mobile is not connected to the internet. Remember, you need to select which file you want offline when you are available online.

To choose a file offline, open a Doc, Slide, or Sheet file and click the three-dot menu at the upper-right corner. Finally, toggle the switch next to “Available Offline.” When you are available online, you can sync with Google Drive and change a portion you want.

14. Save for later with Google Drive

Google Chrome offers an extension called “save to Google Drive” making it a breeze to save anything you browse online to a folder on Google Drive.

It has some negative aspects. You cannot save a good part of the page; you can save it as a PNG file, HTML source code, or store it as a Google Doc file. For using this tool, tap the right-click on the image and then save the image instantly.

15. Direct Share Docs via Gmail

Do you have both Gmail and Google Drive account? If you have a Gmail account with Google Drive, you don’t have to worry about the attached file size.

Using only Gmail, you can send files a maximum of 25 MB; but you can transfer files up to 10 GB using Gmail and Google Drive.

To share files via Gmail:

Go to the message option and click the “Google Drive” icon at the bottom of the home screen.

Select the folder or file and click on the insert button.

Tap on the send button.

If the documents are on your hard drive, then drag and drop them from the Upload tab.

16. Convert to Google doc’s format

Google Drive lets you store all formats file. You can also convert any format to Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, which is pretty straightforward. For converting a file, select the uploaded file > press the right button > click “open with.” You will see a sub-menu option and click the exact format that you want to convert. Your new file will be created instantly, and the original file will remain intact.

Using Office editing for docs, sheets, & slides Chrome Extension, you can convert any file to Google Docs format. Also, you can save them back to their original format. Otherwise, keep the file in the Google Drive format to save storage.

17. Scan with mobile app

Scan with a mobile app is another unique feature of Google Drive. It can upload a picture. You do not search the image by using the word in the image, but it allows you to scan words in the image and turn them into searchable text.

18. Collect data from others

Another unique feature of Google Drive is the ability to collect data from others. You can collect information by creating survey forms or set up a poll. Also, it allows you to share collected information with others. Your collected data is inserted as a spreadsheet file.

19. Draw in docs

Google Drive helps you to edit images a little bit. Though the drawing app is not a complete photo editing tool, you can modify the picture. Using this app, you can rotate the image, text on the image, and crop an image.

First, draw the image and then go to Google Drive storage and then open Docs, Slides, or Sheet. Now, click to insert icon > drawing > new.

20. Go full screen (twice)

If you want to use full screen on your monitor or hide the app menu and a toolbar, click F11 on your keyboard and go to full-screen mood. To back to the previous mood, hit the “Esc” button.

21. Research pane finds more

The research pane is an available only Docs file. To use this tool, click the tool button and then explore. Also, you can tap ctrl+alt+shift+I to access it. Using the research pane, you can insert a footnote citation in your document that links to the results.

Sometimes you need to know the definition of the word, tap ctrl+shift+y when your cursor is on the exact word. The research pane will show the definition. Moreover, you can insert images to find a definition.

22. Insert links with search

Most of the bloggers would like to add a link to a document. Google Docs helps you to insert a link on the text easily. For adding a link, select the text > click “chain icon” or Tap “ctrl-k.” A menu pops will appear where you can paste the URL. If you have already copied a link, then paste here to add a link.

If you do not have a URL to paste, Google will find a URL for you.  If the URL does not match, then type in a different query. When you find the correct link, click on the link to insert.

23. Translate on the fly

Do you want to translate the Docs file to another language? Well, Google Drive helps you to translate Google Docs files. First, you need to upload a Docs file to Google Drive and then open it as a Google Doc. Click the “tool” icon and select the “translate document” menu from the toolbar. After translate, you will find a duplicate doc file in your selected language.

24. Voice type in docs

Google Drive allows you to type voice text in Google Docs file. To type voice text, your computer needs a microphone.

Open a new blank Google drive and then click the tools menu bar or you can tap “ctrl+shift+s.”

Now, you will see a microphone next to the document. Hit on the microphone to speak, and what you say appears in the doc. Also, when you start speaking, and the microphone hears you, it will turn red.

Google Drive not only allows you to write what you say but also puts a punctuation mark. Also, you can change the format as well as a correct missing word via voice text. Apart from these, you can navigate through the text page without touching the mouse.

25. Perfect your file search

Do you search for a specific document in your google drive? Well, Google has an advanced level searching tool. To find a file, go to Google Drive, and you will see a search box at the top of the user interface. Then type the name of the file and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

Also, you can search the file by the owner’s name. If the file is “in the trash” or “starred”, then you can select the location. Moreover, it allows you to search for files by using date.

26. Colorize your folder

Another notable feature of Google Drive is colouring your folder. If you want to colourize your folder or keep a folder in order, you can do it using this “change colour: folder tool.

To colourize your folder, hit right-click on the folder and choose the “change colour” option. Now, click the exact colour you want.

27. Get a new outlook

Do you use or the Outlook app? If you use or the Outlook app for iOS or Android, then you can use Microsoft OneDrive to access cloud files without limitation. Also, you will get them from Dropbox, Box, Facebook, and Google Drive.

28. Protect specific cells

Google Drive helps you to protect the whole worksheet in a Google Sheet file. To use this feature, you can click the “tool” icon and then select “protect Sheet.”

Even, if you share your document, it will remain protected.

Besides, it can protect a portion of a data sheet. To protect sections of data, click on “Data” and select the “protect sheet” option. Finally, you can set the ranges of cells that only you or your selected persons can touch.

29. Find more fonts

Google Drive allows you to insert more fonts in your Google Font menu. To add fonts, go to the font menu on the toolbar and press “More Fonts.” A dialogue box will appear, and it lets you show fonts; choose your favourite font.

However, you will find all of Google’s fonts at “”, but all are not allowed in Google Drive.

Final thought

Google Drive helps you to increase business productivity as well as improve collaborative processes. Most people do not know the full features; that’s why they do not get full facilities. In this post, we have described the top 29 Google Drive tips and tricks for business professionals. These collections of tips will help you to the most efficient ways of completing your work.

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