How to Download and Install Text Me for PC (Mac and Windows)

Text Me, offered by TextMe, Inc, is the phone number app that connects millions of users with phone numbers. With the app, you can keep in touch with friends by Text & call.

Text Me allows you to create a new phone number to text and call. To send an unlimited text message, photos & videos (MMS), and voice messages, you do not need to pay any cost. Just connect your device with Wi-Fi or mobile data. Also, you make unlimited calls by using the app.

From this post, you will get how to download Text Me for PC. Besides, we have managed to share the full features of the app as well as additional information.

How to Download Text Me for PC

Text Me: Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number app is developed for Android devices. Also, you can use it on your Apple mobiles as well as tablets. The app is not available for your Desktop because the developer has not developed it yet for PC.

However, if you want to download Text Me for PC, you are in the right place. In this section, we will share an efficient method. Following this method, you can quickly run the Text Me app on your Laptop.

The method is an Android Emulator. The Android Emulator lets you download the Text Me app on your PC. Besides, you can play plenty of mobile games on your Desktop.

So, check out the below section to know about Android Emulator.

How to Download and Install Text Me for PC

How to Download Text Me for PC Using Android Emulator

Do you want to run a mobile app on your PC? Or, would you like to know about Android Emulator? If the answer is yes, the article is for you. So, check out the full post.

In the above section, you have already heard the name of Android Emulator. If you do not know about an Android Emulator, don’t worry. Here, we will discuss an Android Emulator.

Android Emulator is software that simulates an Android operating system on your Mac as well as Windows devices. So, using an Emulator, you can download and install the Text ME app on your Desktop. Besides, it allows you to play many popular mobile games such as PUBG, Clash of Clans, Free Fire, Mario Kart Tour, Fortnite, and much more on your Windows.

There are plenty of Android Emulators online; all are not perfect for your PC. So, you have to choose the best emulator that fits on your Desktop. For searching for the best emulator, you need to invest plenty of hours.

We do not want to waste your time; just read our full article and find the best emulator. We have researched and tried our best to find the most acceptable Android Emulator. Among them, BlueStacks, Nox App Player, and MEmu Play are the top Android Emulator. You can choose any one of these three emulators.

From this article, you will learn two popular methods for downloading Text Me on your PC. So, let’s have a look at the below.

Download Text Me on Windows with MEmu Play

MEmu Play provides an exceptional experience to run an Android app on a Windows device. You can easily use this emulator on almost all Windows devices, including Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, and Tablets.

Unlike BlueStacks, MEmu play has excellent customization and file organization tools. But you cannot install MEmu Play on your MacBook because the developer has not released it for Mac.

If you want to download Text Me by using MEmu Emulator, first, your device has already installed this emulator.

To download Text Me on Desktop using MEmu Play, you can follow the following tutorials step by step:

Go to the official website; otherwise, click the below link:

Download MEmu Play for Windows

Now, Press the mouse’s right clicks on the “Download” button located in the middle of the MEmu Play official website’s home page.

When you completed the downloading process, you install this MEmu installer on your Desktop. This process will take a few minutes. Besides, this time may vary and depend on the configurations of your computer. So during this time, do not shut down your PC or cancel the process until the installation procedure is completed.

Once you finish the installation process, you will see a shortcut MEmu icon on your Desktop home page.

Open the MEmu Emulator and go to the dashboard of the MEmu Play. By default, the Google Play Store app has already been installed on this emulator, and you will see a Play Store icon on the home page.

Press double clicks to open the app.

When opening the app, you will see a search box. Type Text Me on the box and click on the “Search” button.

You can see a list of app, and the “Text Me” official app is at the top of the list.

Press click on the Text Me app; a new page will open. Here you will see the “Install” button that is at the top on the right side.

Click on the “Install” button, and then the installation process will be completed within few moments.

Following the above process, you can download and install the Text Me app on your Windows device.

MEmu play lets you install any mobile apps on your Desktop. Using this emulator, you can play a huge list of Android games on your Laptop and Desktop.

Like MEmu Play, you can also use BlueStacks or Nox App Player to download and install Text Me on Windows.

Download Text Me for Mac using Nox App Player

If you want to download Text Me for Mac, then you will continue reading the post.

Nox Player is the finest of all Android emulators for PC that allows you to use Android apps and play games on your PC. The emulator has won millions of user’s hearts with its exceptional hardware performance. Downloading of Nox player is conveniently easy. Also, you can install it on your computer or laptop within a few minutes.

So, using Nox App Player, you can smoothly run the Text Me App on your Mac Book. To download Text Me on your Mac, first, your device has a Nox App Player or another Android Emulator.

If your desktop already has installed an emulator, then you open this emulator and go to the Google Play store.

In the search bar, type “Text Me” and press the search button to search.

Here, you will get the Text Me app in the first position; click on it.

Then, the app will open on a new page, and from here, install the Text Me App on your Mac device.

However, if your device has not installed any Android Emulator, don’t worry. Here, we have managed to share the downloading process of the Nox App Player and the Text Me App on your Mac. Now, read the below tutorials step by step and do it as well:

Step 1: Open your browser and go to the Nox app official website or click the below link:

Download NoxPlayer Emulator

Step 2: Now, click on the “Download” button to download the offline Nox app installer. When completed the downloading process, then install the Nox App on your Desktop. Wait a few minutes to complete the installation process.

Step 3: Click on the Nox icon from the desktop home to open this Android emulator.

Step 4: Here, you will see the Google Play Store icon on the Nox App home page; click on it.

Step 5: Once open, log in to the Play Store using your Gmail ID or Google Account.

Step 6: In the search bar, type “Text Me” and press the Enter button to search. Now, you will see the Text Me app at the beginning.

Step 7: Click on the “Text Me” App and press the “Install” button. It will take a few seconds to verify and install the app on your Mac.

This is all about to download Text Me for Mac Book using Nox App Player. Apart from the Text Me App, now you can download any mobile apps and play Android games on your Mac.

However, like the Nox App Player Android Emulator, BlueStacks also lets you run Mac’s smartphone apps. So, it depends on you which emulator you will install on your PC.

How to use Text Me on your PC with Android Emulator

Once you finish the installation process, you will see two icons on your computer, including the Desktop homepage and emulator’s dashboard.

Using the Desktop homepage icon is the easy way to run Text Me app on your PC. Just press double clicks on the “Text Me” icons located at Desktop UI. Now, the app will open via Android Emulator.

Besides, if you want to Text Me using the emulator’s dashboard icon, then follow the steps below:

Press double clicks on the emulator that you have already installed on your device.

Go to the emulator’s dashboard.

Here, you will see the “Text me” icon in the dashboard.

Open the app and browse smoothly with your PC.

This is how you use an Android app on your Desktop. Using these methods, the Text Me app and you can efficiently run any mobile application on your Windows and Mac devices.

In the following post, we have shared additional information about the app based on Google Play Store. So, let’s have a look at the below.

Additional Information

• App Name: Text Me: Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number

• Current Version: 3.27.3

• Last Update: May 5, 2021

• File Size: 44MB

• License: Free and Premium

• Provided by: TextMe, Inc.

• Android Version: Varies with device

• Number of Installation: 10M+

• Users Ratings: 4.1/5

• Total Reviews: 458K+

• App Type: Social

• Ads Strategy: Contains Advertisements

• Pricing: Offers in-app Purchases

Reviews and Ratings (Play Store)

Text Me, Inc has provided Text Me: Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number app for Android and Apple devices. It has already earned 4.1 stars out of 5 from 458K+ users and achieved many positive reviews. The users are also satisfied using the product.

Like Text Me, the developer has created more applications for Android mobile. Those applications are also trending on the Google Play store as well as popular among Smartphone users.

Besides, they updated the app continuously. So, you can trust them and download Text Me for PC.

Developers Information

Visit website

Privacy Policy

275 Post St #500 San Francisco, CA 94108.


Text Me launched with lots of features. From send SMS to call, you can share photos and videos; even hide your original phone number. To know the critical features of the app, you read the following section.

Get the new phone number

Text Me allows you to create a new number as the personal phone number. Using the number, you can contact anyone & everyone; even they do not have the app. Also, it lets you send unlimited text messages (SMS), images & videos (MMS), voice messages, and unlimited calls without cost.

Besides, the app helps you make a burner number to keep your calls & messages anonymously and protect your privacy. Apart from that, you can dispose of the existing number and create a new phone number whenever you want. Even it lets you keep multiple phone numbers.

Low – Cost international Rates

With the app, you can stay connected with contacts around the world. The app offers low-price international rates for calling and texting. Also, it lets you purchase credits; even you can earn free credits by completing offers at no cost.

Turn your device into a phone

Download Text Me for PC and turn your Desktop or Laptop computer into a phone. Connecting with Wi-Fi, you can send unlimited free text messages from Desktop to mobile. Besides, the Text Me phone number app helps you transform your old device into a new phone for Wi-Fi calling and texting.

In the above, we have shared the key features of the Text Me app. Apart from this, it has many features. Now we will publish the full list of Text Me features. So, check out the below.

• Local phone number

• International texting & calling

• Voicemail

• Call forwarding

• Number lookup

• Group-chat messaging

• Send pictures, videos, and audio/voice messages

• Use emojis and stickers

• Dark Mode & Light mode

• Customize your text signature

• Customized text tones & sounds

• Customizable call tones and ringtones

• Unread message reminder

• Text filtering & call filtering on the lock screen

• Preview text messages on the lock screen

• Customize background/wallpaper

• Passcode Privacy Lock: keep your text message private

• Hide or block text messages, conversations to keep them private

• Share GPS location by free text message / SMS / MMS

• Change your phone number and add multiple numbers

• Sign up via Facebook & Google

• Compatible with other SMS texting apps such as Google Voice, Talkatone, TextNow, TextFree, and more.

App Pricing: Contains Ads & Offers in-app purchases

Text Me for PC allows you to send unlimited Texts & call anonymously for free. That means you can enjoy its standard service for no cost initially. But the free service will show advertisements.

However, if you are not satisfied with the free service, you can upgrade the app with standard subscription fees. The paid version will not show Ads. You will need to provide credit card information. Using the premium version, you will use the full features of the app.

Important Note

  • Emergency calls may not be supported.
  • Free SMS offer limited to the US and Canada.
  • Free texting to Latin America subject to balanced inbound/outbound traffic per fair usage policy.
  • Calls and SMS to certain carriers/territories within the 200 countries may not be included in this offer.
  • App use is subject to TextMe’s Terms and Conditions.

How to Download Text Me for Android

Text Me is the phone number app connecting millions of users. It allows you to create a fake mobile number and send text messages as well as call privately.

If you want to use Text Me for Android mobiles along with your PC, then you are in the right place.

There is no need to download the APK; instead, you can install Text Me directly from Google Play Store. The method is safe, secure, and reliable. Google also motivated you to download the Android app from the Play Store.

Click the below link and download Text Me for Android from Play Store.

Download Text Me from Play Store

What’s New

The latest Text Me app, version 3.25.2, was released in December 2020. It comes with a few new features. Also, the developer fixed some bugs. Now, we are going to share what’s new in the latest Text Me app.

• Improved Push Notifications layout on Android 7 and up

• Bug fixes & Improvements:

o Various stability improvements

o Display contact pictures properly

o Display the correct phone number color scheme during calls


Text Me offers unlimited calls and messages connecting with Wi-Fi or mobile data. It has gained popularity within a short time. Besides, many users give positive reviews along with five stars ratings. The developer also works hard every day to improve your experience.

So, you can download Text Me for PC along with Android mobiles. However, if you have faced any problems during the installation procedure, you can inform us in the below comment section. We will try to solve the problem ASAP.

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