Online2PDF Review – Merge, Compress and Unlock PDF Files

Do you want to convert a JPG image to a PDF file? Well, Online2PDF is a mainly JPG to PDF converter, but it also has many features, including edit, merges, and unlock PDF files. Like a Swiss army knife, you can use it for many converting purposes.

In this post, we are going to share a full review of the Online2PDF converter. Also, you will learn how to export PDF files to other formats and vice-versa.

Online2PDF Reviews

Online2PDF is one of the popular PDF converters tool online. Using this tool, you can convert any kind of PDF file to other formats. Also, it lets you convert different files to PDF.

The price is zero; that means you do not have to pay anything. In this post, we will share how you can use this PDF converter tool and the common features of it.

Online2PDF Review

How to convert PDF file to Word and vice-versa

The conversion is the primary tool of Online2pdf. That is why; you can easily export your PDF documents to Microsoft Word. A beginner can also change PDF to Word format easily. To convert a PDF file into Word, you have to follow only three steps.

  • Upload the desires file that you want to convert.
  • Choose your output format such as .docx, .doc, and .odt.
  • Finally, click on the “Convert” button. Your file will be converted within a few moments. This time may depend according to your file sizes.

However, you can convert multiple files at a time; and upload up to 100 MB file size. The converter allows you to export the utmost 20 files simultaneously, and all files together must not exceed 150 MB.

To convert Word files to PDF, you need to upload a word file from your device and then select the output format. Now click on the “Convert” icon. Your Word file will be exported to a PDF file automatically.

How to convert PDF to JPG and vice-versa

Online2pdf also help you to change PDF file into JPG format. Moreover, the online PDF converter offers many more features, including merge, edit, and unlock. To convert PDF to JPG, first, you have to select your PDF document. Now click on the output format such as .jpg or .png that you want. Afterward, press the convert button. Your file will be changed from PDF to JPG format instantly.

However, if you want to export a JPG image into a PDF file, click on the “Select” button and choose the JPG image you want to export. Afterward, select the output format, and then click on the “Convert” button.

How to rearrange pages

If you want to change the page order, select your desired file containing two or more than two pages. For example, your file has 5 pages, and you want to reverse the pages. Now click on the red button with the scissor on it, located on the right side of the file. A text field will appear. By entering the text number, you can easily define the pages. The sequence of the page numbers in this text field determines the final order in the output PDF file.

To reverse the pages type 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, or 5-1on the text field. Besides, you can type any number of orders that you wish. And then click on the Convert button, which is located below the file. However, using this tool, you can also remove pages from your PDF file. Suppose you want to remove the first two pages and the rest of the pages want to be retained. Now type 3, 4, 5, or 3-5 on the text file.

Also, you can rearrange pages with the help of the wizard tool. The wizard tool helps you see the live preview of the PDF pages. To operate this tool, click on the yellow button with the magic wand. Afterward, you can arrange the page order according to your wish. However, in this process, you do not have to remember the page number because you see the pages as a preview.

Suppose you want to reorder a PDF file that has 5pages. To rearrange PDF file with wizard button follows the below steps:

  • Select the PDF file that you want to reorder.
  • Press the scissor button located on the right side of the file.
  • Now a text field and a Wizard icon with a magic wand will appear.
  • Click on the magic wand. Afterward, you get a preview of your PDF file.
  • Select the pages as you want or click reorder button. Now you can rearrange the page by drag and drop.
  • When finished, click on the convert button, and your file will be rearranged within a few seconds.

How to split the PDF file into several parts

If you want a split PDF file, then you are right place. Here we are going to share how to divide PDF files into multiple parts. So, let’s have a look at the below article.

You can define specific pages using comma or hyphen that means 1, 2, 3, or 1-3 and split the file using vertical line, e.g., 1-3| 4-6.

For example, your uploaded file has ten pages, and you want to divide three parts with pages 1-3, 4-7, and 8-10. So, click on the scissor icon, and then a text field will appear. Now type 1-3 | 4-7 | 8-10 on the text field. Finally, press on the convert icon. Your final documents turn in a zip archive.

How to Insert a PDF file into another PDF file

To insert a PDF file into another PDF document, you can follow the below example.

For Example, you have 5 pages document “A.” Now you want to add a file “B” between pages 3 and 4 of document A. Firstly, choose document A and input ‘1-3’ into the text field. Secondly, select document B. finally, select document A once again and insert page “4, 5”. After the conversion, you will get a file containing: A (page 1, 2, 3), B (all), A (page 4, 5).

Online2PDF Features

Online2PDF is a free converting tool. It performs all conversions online, and no setup is required. The converter takes only a short time to complete the whole process and has a simple user interface.

Online2PDF converter comes with many useful features such as conversion, merge, edit, split, rotate, unlock or remove password, reduce file size, and many more.

Now we have managed to share the full features of Online2PDF. So, let’s have a look at the following section.

Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other formats lets you convert PDF files to many formats including MS Office (Word – Doc, Docx, Excel – Xls, xlsx, PowerPoint – ppt, ppt, pptx), Open Document (odt,ods, ODP), Images (jpg and png), Text (RTF and txt), and E-Book (epub, Mobi, and azw3).

After converting PDF files to MS Office, you can easily open and edit them with your Microsoft Office. However, it allows you to switch up to 100 pages at once. And the maximum file size is 100 MB.

If your desire file is more than 100 MB and 100 pages as well, don’t worry. It lets you split the PDF file and reduce the file size. After splitting and reducing PDF files, you can easily change PDF to any format.

The most exciting method is that you can upload multiple PDF files simultaneously and convert them into a format. Now the output comes with a single file as a zip. Besides, Online2PDF allows you to change each file individually.

Moreover, the converter helps you change PDF to image files. It supports both formats, such as .jpg and .png. Also, it has advanced features like Optical Character Recognition (OCR). If your PDF files have scanned documents, then you can run OCR in these images. In this case, it lets you convert 20 pages only and the exact recognition based on the image quality.

Convert any formats to PDF

Online2PDF allows you to convert all standard formats to PDF files. The conversion is the primary feature of From Word to Publisher file, you can easily change Excel and PowerPoint files to PDF with the online converter.

Also, it lets you transfer an image to a PDF file. Apart from these, you can easily convert Documents, OpenDocument, E-Book, and Website’s file into PDF formats.

With Online2PDF converter, you can upload multiple files simultaneously and convert them into a single format or convert individual files in different formats.

Besides, it offers you to convert scanned files to searchable PDF files. However, the online PDF converter allows you to convert up to 100 MB file sizes.

Merge multiple files into single files

The most popular feature of the Online2PDF is that it lets you merge multiple documents into a single PDF file. It doesn’t matter whether you use existing PDF files or files which have to be changed first. All files are joined in the same order, in which you have uploaded first. According to your first selected file, the filename of the final PDF file will be taken. However, you can merge up to 20 files at a time.

Also, the converter helps you merge 2 scanned documents in a nested way. That means if your uploaded files have documents on both sides, online2pdf will be merged with both documents alternately.

Moreover, you can easily upload files or arrange the order of files by simple drag and drop. The user interface and file selection also help you to do this process. Apart from these, it lets you delete unnecessary files that you have uploaded first. So, you do not need to start fresh from the beginning.

Furthermore, using the Ctrl key, you can select multiple files in the same file dialog simultaneously. As a result, it saves your time, and many files can be added fast.

Page composition 

Online2PDF also helps you arrange and customize your document pages or only select your desire pages. That means you can select specific pages from the uploaded PDF file.

From this feature, you can extract and rearrange pages. Also, it lets you divide files according to your needs.

Moreover, the wizard button also helps you to select, reorder and split PDF files. When you do not know the exact page number of the uploaded file, you need to select or extract few pages. In this case, click on the wizard icon, and then you see the live preview of your uploaded document. Afterward, you can arrange the file according to your wishes. However, the wizard feature is available only for PDF files.

Another exciting tool in this feature is that create a new PDF for each page. It helps you convert PDF files to single-page files, and you will get a ZIP archive containing all PDF files after the conversion.

Also, Online2pdf allows you to insert a PDF document into another PDF file.

Rotate PDF pages

Do you want to rotate pages from your PDF file? Well, the converter helps you to rotate any number of PDF pages in your document. Using the rotation tool, you can rotate pages to the right (90°) to turn them upside down (180°) or rotate them to the left (-90°). In this case, you have to enter the page numbers in the corresponding text field.

If you do not know the page number of your uploaded PDF file, don’t worry. Click on the yellow button with the magic wand. Afterward, you see the live preview of the PDF pages. Now rotate the pages that you want.

Remove existing PDF protection

The most important feature of the Online2pdf is that remove password or unlocks PDF. This feature is named as fast “PDF Unlock Tool.”

When your uploaded file has authentication protection (that means printing, copying, or editing are locked), then this guard will be removed, and the file will be unlocked automatically. For this process, you do not need any password.

If your selected PDF file is read-protected and wants a password for opening, you need to enter the correct password. Otherwise, the encrypted PDF file cannot be read and unlocked. However, read protection will be removed during conversion.

When you want to unlock several files simultaneously having the same secret code, you need to enter the code only for the first file. The rest of the files will be unlocked automatically.

Using this feature, you can also change your existing password or create a new password for opening.

Compress PDF files and reduce the file size

Another exciting tool of Online2pdf is “compression.” With the feature’s help, you can quickly reduce any PDF document’s quality and resolution values. The quality of the images, graphics, and photos may reduce much more than the text images.


Conclusion is one of the best online PDF converters. Apart from change format, you can use this tool to edit, merge, split, unlock PDF files, and many more. The converter is easy to use, fast, and safe.

Most importantly, your uploaded file is deleted after conversion. Also, Online2pdf is a free PDF converter. So, you do not need to provide an email or visa card account number.

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