Smallpdf Review – Edit, Compress and Convert PDF Files

Smallpdf is an online platform that helps you convert and edit all your PDF files. Also, you can use it offline by downloading the Android app from the Play Store. With Small PDF, you can compress, merge, convert, split, unlock, and edit PDF files.

In this post, we have managed to share the review of Smallpdf along with the features and the price. Apart from these, you will learn how to convert files from different formats to PDF and vice-versa.

Smallpdf Features

Smallpdf comes with lots of unique features. That is why it is the most popular website on the internet. Now we are going to describe the critical features of Smallpdf. So, let’s have a look at the below post.

Safe and Secure PDF converter

Security is the first option on the internet because many websites hack your valuable information. Afterwards, they blackmail or sell the information to a third party.

But ensures the security of your files. It deletes all your processed documents within 1 hour. Also, it does not keep any backup of your uploaded files.

Smallpdf Review

Easy PDF Converter

Small PDF is a straightforward PDF converter website online. All tools are well organized on the front page. That is why you will not face any problems; even you are using this website the first time.

Support All Platform

A small PDF is available for all platforms. From Windows to MacBook, you can access it from your Linux device. Also, it works on a popular browser, including IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

Access from anywhere

With an internet connection, you can access the PDF converter file from anywhere. Small PDF operates in the cloud. You can upload documents from cloud storage. From Google Drive to Dropbox, it also allows you to upload files via URL. When completing the process, you can save it back to the cloud.

Small PDF Tools

Using Smallpdf, you can fulfil all your PDF needs. It has six fundamental tools, including Convert & Compress, Split & Merge, View & Edit, Convert from PDF, Convert to PDF, and Sign & Security. Besides, you will get 18 tools in this online PDF converter.

Here we will share all tools. So, let’s have a look at the below post.

Convert to PDF

If you are looking for a safe, fast, and secure converting tool online, then you are in the right place. File conversion is one of the favourite tools of Smallpdf. From Word to JPG format, it allows you to convert Excel and PPT format to PDF.

You can convert the file to PDF format with a few steps. To convert files from different formats to PDF, you need to follow the following steps.

From the tool’s menu bar, choose the tool from which format you want to convert to PDF.

Drag and drop your file from cloud or device storage.

Once uploaded, your file will be converting to PDF instantly.

Now, download your processed file or save it back to the cloud, including Google drive and dropbox.

Convert from PDF

With Small PDF, you can easily convert PDF files to various formats, including Word, JPG, Excel, and PPT formats. There’s no file size limit nor even the need to register to use their service. With a few clicks, it lets you convert PDF to a different format within seconds.

For example, if you want to convert a PDF file to Word, select the tool PDF to Word. Now choose the file by drag and drop.

Your file will be uploaded within few seconds. Once uploaded, choose the one option between “Convert to Word” and “Convert to Editable Word (OCR)”.

Now click on the “Choose options”, your documents will be converting within a few moments.

After converting, you can download your file; otherwise, save it back to cloud storage. However, your processed document will delete within 1 hour.

Compress PDF File

Are you looking for a tool to reduce your PDF file? Well, Smallpdf offers a unique tool to compress PDF files.

Many online PDF converters allow you to reduce PDF files, but the file’s quality is not remaining the same. On the other hand, a Small PDF helps you reduce file size with high quality. They do not compromise the quality of the document. Everybody loves their online PDF compressor. It’s quick, free, and safe.

Also, you can use this tool offline, but first, you need to download and install Smallpdf Desktop software.

To reduce a PDF size online, you need to check the following steps:

  • Upload your PDF file to their PDF compressor.
  • Now, the compressed PDF tool will automatically start to shrink the file.
  • If needed, you can continue to modify your file.
  • Otherwise, download the compressed PDF file to your computer.

Split PDF

With the Split PDF tool, you can easily extract pages from PDF files. Their PDF splitter gives you a live preview of the pages. You can choose the pages in the visual interface or type in the number of the pages you want to extract. Besides, you can divide PDF files into a single-page PDF document.

To Split pages from PDF online, drag and drop your PDF document into the PDF splitter. Now select the ‘Extract every page into a PDF’ or ‘Select pages to extract’ menu. Afterwards, select the pages you want to extract. Finally, click on the ‘Split PDF’, wait for the process to finish. Once completed, download the new PDF document or save it to the cloud.

Merge PDF

A small PDF also helps to add several PDF files into a single PDF document. It offers you the easiest way to combine PDF files. The PDF merger tool allows you to combine multiple PDF files into one single PDF document quickly. All the processes you have finished with a few clicks.

To combine PDF file online, you can follow the below steps:

  • Upload your PDF files into the PDF combiner.
  • Now, rearrange individual pages or entire files in the desired order.
  • If needed, you can split pages, rotate or delete files.
  • Finally, click ‘Merge PDF!’ to merge and download your new PDF file.

PDF Editor

If you want the best PDF editor tool online, then Smallpdf offers you the best online tool to edit PDF documents. With this tool, you can edit text, font, colour and fill out PDF forms. Apart from these, the PDF editor helps you to modify your PDF files by adding various shapes and drawing.

To edit a PDF file online, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Drag and drop your PDF document into the PDF Editor.
  • Add text, images, shapes, or freehand annotations as you wish. Also, you can edit the size, font, and colour of the added content.
  • Click ‘Apply’ and save the changes.
  • Afterwards, download the new PDF file into your Desktop.

PDF Reader

Smallpdf allows you to view and manage any PDF file with a simple drag and drop. Using this tool, you can analyze, edit or print the PDF file. Also, it helps you share PDF documents with others.

Like online, you can also use it offline. To access offline PDF Reader, you need to Download the Small PDF app.

Add Page Number

With this tool, you can easily insert the page number in a PDF document within a few simple clicks. It allows you to put the number in the header or footer of each page.

To add page numbers to a PDF online, you can follow the below steps:

  • From the tool menu, click on the “Number pages.”
  • Drag and drop your PDF file in the box.
  • Choose where on the page you would like numbers to appear.
  • Click ‘Number pages’ and download the modified file.

 Delete PDF Pages

Using this tool, you can remove single or multiple pages from your PDF document at no cost. The PDF page remover helps you make your PDF file trim, and you can include the pages you want.

It lets you delete PDF pages online with any browser on Mac, Windows, and Linux. To delete pages from PDF files, go to the tool menu bar and click on the “Delete PDF Pages” tool.

Choose your document and upload it. Now delete each page by hovering over its thumbnail and click the trash icon.

Here you can also rearrange and rotate the pages. Click on the “Apply Changes” button and download the modified file.

eSign PDF

The most exciting tool of Smallpdf is that eSign PDF. eSign PDF helps you track your PDF document by creating your e-signature. With this tool, you can quickly draw your signature with your mouse or trackpad.

Apart from this, you can upload or take a photo of your signature using your device’s camera.

eSign PDF tool also allows you to invite an electronic signature from up to 100 people.

Unlock PDF

The tool is one of the essential tools of Smallpdf. Using unlock PDF tool, you can easily remove passwords from PDF documents.

To unlock the PDF file, upload your file, and the password will be removed from your PDF file. You will get the unlocked PDF by clicking download.

However, if your uploaded file is encrypted, then you need to correct the password.

Protect PDF

With protect PDF tool, you can encrypt your PDF with a password to avoid illegal access to the file content. For a very secure password, they mention using a non-dictionary word of 7 characters or more. Also include numeric characters, capital letters, and symbols.

Is Smallpdf Safe?

Are you looking for a safe and secure PDF converter? Well, we found as a safe and trustworthy online PDF converter website.

It approves SSL connections to ensure the maximum security of your file. Also, they remove your processed documents within 1 hour from their AWS servers.

Otherwise, you can download Smallpdf Desktop and process your documents offline. So, PDF and Excel files never leave your PC.

Smallpdf provides maximum security of your documents; it does not keep any backup copy of your file.

Smallpdf Pricing

Small PDF is a premium PDF converter and Editor website. The pricing starts at $12 per month and $108 per year. When you purchase yearly packages, they will provide a 25% discount.

If you want to purchase a Small PDF for your team, then you have to pay $10 per month and $84 per year for one person. By buying a yearly package, you can save $3 per month. The team range is 2-50 people. If needed, you can add more members to your team.

However, Smallpdf also provides a free package. You will get only a few tools free of cost, and it allows you to process up to 2 documents per day.

Before buying, you will get 14 days trial version; so, you can use all free tools. If you do not like the tools, then you can cancel your subscription at any time. It allows Master Card, Visa Card, and PayPal for the payment process.

Smallpdf App

Smallpdf is the top-rated PDF editor website. Apart from online, you can also use it offline. The Smallpdf app is available for all devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You will find the Smallpdf Android app in the google play store.

You will get 21 tools offline for free. Among them, convert, compress, edit, merge, and split tools are famous.

Small PDF Web Extensions

With web extension, now you can boost up your productivity. Small PDF provides Chrome Extension along with G Suit and Dropbox app. Using this app, you can convert, compress, merge, split, and extract PDF files.


Smallpdf is a famous PDF editor and converter website all over the world. Around 20 million people use it every month. The user interface is straightforward; you can complete every task with a few clicks.

Besides, the online converter has no limitation on working with PDF files. It is a quick, safe, and trustworthy website. Also, it provides the best quality of your processed document along with maximum file sizes.

There are many PDF converter & editor tools available online. But is one of the best PDF converters; here, you will get all PDF solutions. If you need a PDF converter & editor, use Small PDF and edit PDF documents without limitation.

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