The Complete Guide to Download and Install Facebook App for Windows and Mac PC

Facebook is a leading social media category app that lets you share updates and photos, stay connected with friends and family, and engage with different communities.

With this social media app, you can write on your timelines, provide likes and comments, and browse your newsfeeds and another Facebook user’s profile. Apart from these, it lets you update your profile and change your profile picture and cover photo.

Using Facebook, you can easily share photos directly from your Android camera. Also, you have full power over your photos and privacy settings. It allows you to set permission for those who will see the pictures; even you can create an album only for yourself.

From the latest news to viral topics, Facebook helps you keep up with celebrity gossip as well as sports news. Also, you can follow your favorite celebrities, along with artists, politicians, and players. Besides, it lets you make followers.

Facebook also helps you to go live and watch live streaming as well. Even you can play popular online games such as Puzzle, Ludo, Pool, Cricket, Football, Sudoku, and much more fun with your Facebook friends.

From this post, you will get complete guidelines about how to download Facebook for PC. Also, we have managed to share how to install and use Facebook for Windows. So, let’s dive into the post.

Download and Install Facebook App for Windows and Mac PC

Feature of Facebook for PC

Facebook comes with lots of useful features. From making friends to sharing posts, you will get plenty of features along with Share memories, Get notifications, Create events, Backup photos, and many more. In the following section, you will read a brief discussion about the Facebook app’s full feature.

Make Friends

Facebook helps you to stay connected with others by making friends. Also, it lets you meet new people who use this social media app from overseas and local. However, you can make friends up to 5000. Besides, it allows you to remove as well as block annoying people from your friend list.

Create Post

Using this feature, you can write what’s going on in your mind, check in your location, tag friends, and share feelings. Also, it allows you to add photos to your post.

Share memories

This tool helps you share photos, videos, and your favorite memories with others. Facebook will show your memories based on the date that you updated on it previously. Once you provide permission, then it will publish your favorite memories with your friends. Also, you can share other’s posts in your timeline.

Group and Pages

The Facebook app lets you search, create, and manage groups as well as pages. Also, you can join various groups and like different pages.

Get Notifications

When friends like and comment on your posts, you will get notifications. Besides, if your friends invite you to join the group or like the page, it will provide notifications on your Facebook account. Also, you will get notifications via your Gmail account and SMS on mobile as well. However, you can set permission for how you want to get notifications.

Create Events

Using this feature, you can create events to meet up with friends. Apart from this, it lets you make plans to get together with group members.

Play Games 

Nowadays, it is trending to play online games with virtual friends. It allows you to play games with any of your Facebook friends.

Backup Photos

It happens sometimes; unfortunately, your photos have been deleted from your Smartphone; even lost your mobile. In this case, Facebook lets you backup photos by saving them in the album.

Market Place

Currently, Facebook is a leading marketplace. From Facebook, you can buy and sell different types of products from home as well as abroad. Also, it lets you check the reviews and ratings of the products provided by other Facebook users. Besides, you will see the pictures as well as short descriptions of the products.

Personal Organizer

You can also use Facebook as a personal organizer. It helps you to organize by storing, saving, and sharing memories and photos.

How to Download Facebook for PC

Download the Facebook app on Desktop and stay in touch with friends is faster and easier than ever. It is a popular social media app around the world.

Facebook has gained popularity within a short time, and the number of downloads and installations is still increasing. The number of downloads has already surpassed 5000M+ on Google Play Store.

Facebook app is available for the Android operating system. Also, you will get this app for Windows and Mac. To download the Facebook app for Desktop, you can follow two methods: one is directly from the website, and another way of download Facebook is using Android Emulator.

You will know the complete guideline about how to download Facebook App on Mac and Windows using Android Emulator from the following post.

Download Facebook for PC Using Android Emulator

An Android Emulator is software that simulates an Android operating system on Windows. So, using this emulating software, you can quickly run Android apps on the Desktop. That is why we choose Android Emulator to Download Facebook App on PC.

You will get plenty of emulating software, but all Android emulators do not work correctly on your device. So you need the best Emulator that runs accurately on Mac and Windows.

We are highly recommended that you can select any one of these three emulators, such as MEmu Play, Nox App Player, or BlueStacks for downloading Facebook App on Desktop or Laptop.

In the below sections, we will describe the two popular methods to download and install Facebook on Mac and Windows. So, let’s have a look at the following post.

Download Facebook on Windows with MEmu Play

MEmu Play provides an exceptional experience to run an Android app on a Windows device. You can easily use this Emulator on almost all Windows devices like Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, and Tablets.

Unlike BlueStacks, MEmu play has excellent customization and file organization tools. But you cannot install MEmu Play on your Mac Book because the developer has not released it for Mac.

If you want to download Facebook by using MEmu Emulator, first, your device has already installed this Emulator.

To download Facebook on Desktop using MEmu Play, you can follow the following tutorials step by step:

  • Go to the official website; otherwise, click the below link:

            Download MEmu Play for Windows

  • Now, Press the mouse’s right clicks on the “Download” button located in the middle of the MEmu Play official website’s home page.
  • When you completed the downloading process, you install this MEmu installer on your Desktop. This process will take a few minutes. Besides, this time may vary and depend on the configurations of your computer. So during this time, do not shut down your PC or cancel the process until the installation procedure is completed.
  • Once finished the installation process, you will see a shortcut MEmu icon on your Desktop home page.
  • Open the MEmu Emulator and go to the dashboard of the MEmu Play. By default, the Google Play Store app has already been installed on this Emulator, and you will see a Play Store icon on the home page.
  • Press double clicks to open the app.
  • When opening the app, you will see a search box. Type Facebook on the box and click on the “Search” button.
  • You can see a list of app, and the “Facebook” official app is at the top of the list.
  • Press click on the Facebook app; a new page will open. Here you will see the “Install” button that is at the top on the right side.
  • Click on the “Install” button, and then the installation process will be completed within few moments.

Following the above process, you can download and install the Facebook app on your Windows device.

MEmu play lets you install any mobile apps on your Desktop. Using this Emulator, you can play a huge list of Android games on your Laptop and Desktop.

Like MEmu Play, you can also use BlueStacks or Nox App Player to download and install Facebook on Windows.

Download Facebook for Mac using Nox App Player

Nox App Player is the most popular Android Emulator among PC users. Using Nox App Player, you can quickly run Facebook App on your Mac Book.

To download Facebook on your Mac, your device needs a Nox App Player or another Android Emulator. If your desktop already has installed an emulator, you can open it and go to the Google Play store. In the search bar, type “Facebook” and press the search button to search. Now, you will see the Facebook app in the first position; click on it. Then, the Facebook App will open on a new page. From the new page, you can install Facebook on your Mac device.

Otherwise, you can follow the below tutorials step by step:

Step 1: Open your browser and go to the Nox app official website or click the below link:

               Download NoxPlayer

Step 2: Now, click on the “Download” button to download the offline Nox app installer. When completed the downloading process, then install the Nox App on your Desktop. Wait a few minutes to complete the installation process.

Step 3: Click on the Nox icon from the desktop home to open this Android Emulator.

Step 4: Here, you will see the Google Play Store icon on the Nox App home page; click on it.

Step 5: Once open, log in to the Play Store using your Gmail ID or Google Account.

Step 6: In the search bar, type “Facebook” and press the Enter button to search. Now, you will see the Facebook app at the beginning.

Step 7: Click on the “Facebook” App and press the “Install” button. It will take a few seconds to verify and install the app on your Mac.

This is all about to download Facebook for Mac Book using Nox App Player. Apart from Facebook App, now you can download any mobile apps and play Android games on your Mac.

However, like the Nox app Player emulator, BlueStacks also lets you run smartphone apps on your Desktop or Laptop. So, it depends on you which Emulator you will install on your PC.

How to use Facebook for PC using Android Emulator

After completing the installation process, you will get two Facebook icons. There are on the Desktop user interface and the Emulator’s dashboard. So, you can run Facebook using either of these two.

Using the Android Emulator’s dashboard, first, you need to open the Emulator. Now you will see the Facebook icon on the Emulator’s home page; click on it. Once open, sign in to Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account, then create a new account.

Apart from this method, you can run Facebook directly from the Desktop icon. To use Facebook with the Desktop icon, press double clicks on the “Facebook” shortcut icon, and then the app will open through the Emulator.

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Download Facebook for Android

If you have already installed Facebook App on your mobile, then skip the following sections. Otherwise, you can read the below post.

You can directly install the Facebook app from Google Play Store. This method is safe and risk-free, as well. Also, it does not take extra space on your mobile phone. Besides, Google also encouraged you to download Facebook from Play Store.

Apart from Google Play Store, you can download Facebook from third-party sites. The third-party sites may spread malware on your device. Also, it takes more space compare to install Facebook from the Play Store.

So, we strongly recommended that you download Facebook from Google Play Store. To download Facebook from Google Play Store, click the below link and install it right away.

Download Facebook from Play Store

Key information about Facebook

  • App Name: Facebook
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Last Update: May 11, 2021
  • File Size: Varies with device
  • License: Free and Premium
  • Provided by: Facebook
  • Android Version: Varies with device
  • Number of Installation: 5B+
  • Users Ratings: 4.0/5
  • Total Reviews: 110M
  • App Type: Social
  • Ads Strategy: Contains Advertisements
  • Pricing: Offers in-app Purchases

Content Rating

Facebook is generally available for ages 13 and up. If your age is less than 13 years, you will require parental Guidance to create a Facebook account. The content rating may vary and depend on the country.

Developer Information

First, if you want to communicate with the developer, you need to collect the Facebook app developer’s information. From the following post, you will get the app provider’s data.

To see the Facebook app developer Information, you can read the below sections.

Visit website

Privacy Policy

1 Hacker Way Menlo Park, CA 94025

Required Permission

While you will install Facebook on your Android phone, you need to access the following options.

  • Calendar
  • Add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without the owner’s knowledge.
  • Read calendar events plus confidential information


  • Record Audio


  • Approximate location (Network-based)
  • Precise location (GPS and network-based)


  • Read the contents of your USB storage
  • Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage


  • Take pictures and videos


  • Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  • Read the contents of your USB storage

                       Device ID & call information

  • Read the phone status and Identity

                       Device app history

  • Retrieve running apps


  • Read your contacts
  • Modify your contacts
  • Find account on the device


  • Read phone status and Identity
  • Directly call phone numbers

                       Wi-Fi connection information

  • View Wi-Fi connections


  • Read your contact card
  • Add or remove contacts
  • Find accounts on the device


  • Download files without notification
  • Receive data from the internet
  • Read and write TV channel/program information
  • Send sticky broadcast
  • Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi

Facebook App pricing

Facebook for PC offers a free account. That means you can enjoy this social media app without pay any cost. The free version will show ads as well as you can use only a few features.

If you are not satisfied with the free version or even need to full version of Facebook, you will upgrade to its premium version.

To upgrade Facebook from free to Premium, you need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. The premium Facebook account will not show advertisements.


Facebook for Windows and Mac is conveniently easy to use. It has been increasing its popularity day by day. Nowadays, Facebook has become a trending marketplace for buying and selling goods.

Finally, if you want to download and install Facebook on your Desktop, you will follow the above tutorials step by step. Like MEmu Play and Nox App Player, you can also use BlueStacks Android Emulator. Besides, you choose any Android Emulator that fits on your Mac and Desktop Device.

However, if you face any problem during the installation procedure, you can inform us in the below comment section. We will try to solve the problem ASAP.

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